Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire


Translations are generally provided as Word files. Where there are unusual symbols, pdf files are provided. In some cases, both are provided. Boxes are provided beside statements in some of the translations, but not in others. Boxes may be added by users.

Within each file is a description of the translation process. This is as provided by the translator to Martin Roland, who takes no responsibility for the quality of the translation.

That is up to readers to assess, taking into account the rigour of the translation /cultural adaptation process. Where possible, contact details for the translator have been provided.

The following versions are available:

Amharic pdf
Arabic (Egyptian) Word and pdf
Android mobile phone version (read this before downloading) Word
Android RMDQ app apk
Arabic (Tunisian) pdf
Bangladeshi pdf and translation details
Bulgarian Word
Chinese (Hong Kong) pdf
Chinese (Traditional) pdf
Croatian Word and pdf
Czech Word and pdf
Danish Word
Dutch Word
English (original) Word
English (Canadian) Word
English (US) Word
English (Australian) Word
Flemish Word
French Word
French Canadian Word
German Word
Greek pdf
Hindi pdf
Hungarian Word and pdf
Icelandic Word
Iranian Word and pdf
Italian (Revised) pdf
Japanese Word and pdf
Kannada pdf
Korean pdf
Marathi pdf
Nigerian (Igbo) pdf
and Igbo translation details
Nigerian (Yoruba) Word
Norwegian Word
Polish Word
Portuguese Word
Portuguese (Brazilian) Word
Romanian Word and pdf
Russian Word and pdf
Spanish Word
Spanish (Argentinian) Word
Spanish (Columbian) Word
Spanish (Mexican) Word
Spanish (Puerto Rican) Word
Spanish (US) Word
Spanish (Venezualan) Word
Swedish pdf
Tamil pdf
Telugu pdf
Thai Word and pdf
Tunisian pdf
Turkish Word and pdf
Urdu pdf

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